Projects at M.A.N.

Water Line


The City of Columbus, Ohio, is replacing sewer and water lines in many of the older neighborhoods, and M.A.N. Mapping has provided topographic mapping and orthophotos for the engineering design to several engineering firms.  Depending on the size of the project and needs of our client, M.A.N. Mapping has utilized traditional film photography, digital photography from fixed-wing airplanes, and in some cases, drone (UAS) photography.  Surface elevations have been collected using traditional photogrammetry along with LiDAR.

SR 129


M.A.N. Mapping Services was contracted to provide ODOT compliant topographic mapping and orthophotos of the SR 129 and I-75 interchange area for an ODOT study.  Busy roadway projects like this can be mapped in a safe and accurate manner with LiDAR.  M.A.N. Mapping Services used digital photography and helicopter LiDAR along with photogrammetric mapping for this project, and field-verified checks yielded a vertical accuracy of 0.037 feet RMSE on paved surfaces.

I-70 Columbus


M.A.N. Mapping Services provided design level mapping and orthophotography of I-70 and I-270 to support traffic flow improvements.  Because the mapping was limited to the right-of-way, M.A.N. Mapping Services utilized mobile LiDAR to collect the point cloud for this project.  Fixed-wing digital photography was collected for this project to enable photogrammetric mapping of the site.    Field survey checks of the mapping yielded a vertical accuracy of 0.044 feet RMSE on paved surfaces exceeding ODOT requirements.

Portsmouth Bypass


The Portsmouth Bypass which opened in December of 2018 is a 16 mile stretch of highway in southern Ohio.  The extensive earthwork for this project included many rock-cut sections with steep slopes.  M.A.N. Mapping Services provided TIN files of the rock-cut sections to be used for quality assessment by an independent engineering firm.  Elevation data for this project was collected using fixed-wing LiDAR, and low altitude digital photography was collected simultaneously.  The point cloud data was edited in stereo using the digital photography.

Volumetric Mapping


Volumetric mapping from aerial photography provides reliable results without the need  to stop production.  M.A.N. Mapping Services has provided volumetric mapping for many clients in the Midwest region. We have used traditional film photography and digital photography from an airplane or drone (UAS).  At the completion of the mapping, a volumetric report is provided along with AutoCad files of the stockpile surfaces and an orthophoto.  In many cases, we also provide enlarged photos of the stockpile yard to our clients.

Rumpke Landfill


M.A.N. Mapping Services provides orthophotography along with mapping, both updated and new facilities, of several landfills in the Midwest region including the Rumpke Sanitary Landfill.  M.A.N. Mapping Services utilizes digital and film photography, LiDAR, and traditional photogrammetric mapping to produce landfill maps in an efficient manner.

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