Projects at M.A.N.

Powell Road


Client: Burgess & Niple, Inc.

M.A.N. Mapping Services was contracted by Burgess & Niple, Inc., to produce topographic mapping of East Powell Road at a horizontal scale of 1"=20' with a 1 foot contour interval.  All paved surfaces were required to meet ODOT's accuracy specifications for Class A which has a maximum allowable average Dz of ±0.07 feet and maximum allowable RMSE of 0.16 feet.
While M.A.N. Mapping Services would normally utilize LiDAR to meet such stringent requirements, the cost of LiDAR was prohibitive for the size of this project.  In order to meet the ODOT standards, Burgess & Niple provided profiles of the road every 25-30 feet.  The profile readings were combined with mapping compilation from M.A.N. Mapping Services to produce a map with an average Dz of -0.04 feet and an RMSE of 0.13 feet.

OSU West Campus


Client: Trans Associates

M.A.N. Mapping Services was contracted to provide detailed topographic mapping and orthophotography for the west campus area of The Ohio State University.  M.A.N. Mapping utilized low-altitude photography exposed in leaf-off conditions in order to capture the maximum detail for this project.
Higher altitude color photography was also exposed for this project in order to provide the client with orthophotography of the entire campus.

I-75 Findlay


Client: Parsons Brinckerhoff

M.A.N. Mapping Services was contracted to provide design level mapping and orthophotography of an estimated 7 mile section of I-75 and connecting US 68 in Findlay, Ohio.  The mapping for this project was required to meet the Ohio Department of Transportation Class A specifications for all paved surfaces.  M.A.N. Mapping Services utilized helicopter lidar and photogrammetry along with some field survey data to meet these standards.  The statistical results for this project were as follows:
Class A Areas: Average Dz of -0.05 feet with an RMSE of 0.07 feet; Class B Areas: Average Dz of 0.09 feet with an RMSE of 0.18 feet; Class C Areas: Average Dz of 0.17 feet with an RMSE of 0.36 feet; Planimetric Detail: 0.11 feet RMSE Easting and 0.15 feet RMSE Northing.

Carmeuse - Maysville

CARMEUSE - Maysville, Kentucky

Client: Carmeuse Lime & Stone

M.A.N. Mapping Services provides Carmeuse Lime & Stone with yearly volumetric calculations of its stockpiles.  Whenever available, M.A.N. Mapping utilizes base information of the stockpiles to provide a consistent determination of pile volume thus minimizing the errors that can result from stockpiles that are located over undetermined terrain.
M.A.N. Mapping also provides Carmeuse with color enlargements of vertical and oblique photography.

Rumpke Landfill


Client: Rumpke

M.A.N. Mapping Services provides recurring update mapping for the Rumpke Sanitary Landfill.  Aerial target locations are maintained by Rumpke's engineering department to facilitate quick preparation for flights which have been frequent at times depending on the needs.  M.A.N. Mapping scans all of the aerial negatives using the Z(I Scanner so that we can quickly locate areas of change with our softcopy photogrammetry system.  All areas of change are outlined, and those areas are updated with current mapping.  The color orthophotos produced for this project allow for a great visual comparison between mapping updates.

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