M.A.N. Mapping Services focuses on producing the highest quality map to meet the

demanding needs of your project.  Below is a description of some of the services that

 we offer:

 Aerial Photography

RC-30 camera M.A.N. operates a Cessna 206 equipped with a Leica RC-30 aerial camera.  The Leica RC-30 is one of the finest aerial film cameras equipped with forward motion compensation (FMC) to reduce blurring and produce the highest quality photographs.
M.A.N. Mapping Services will fly your project at an appropriate altitude to guarantee that we meet your accuracy requirements.
Our projects have ranged from single exposure photos to large, county-wide projects requiring hundreds of individual photographs.  We can also expose oblique photography which is often used for display purposes with as-built projects. If your project is best suited for digital photography, M.A.N. will sub-contract with our partners to provide excellent photos.

Photographic Lab

Z(I scanner M.A.N. Mapping operates an in-house black-and-white photographic lab which allows us to expedite the process of making photographic prints and diapositives of our projects.  M.A.N. also uses the Z(I Imaging Scanner to convert film aerial photos to a digital format with pixel resolutions of 7, 14 and 21 microns so that we can produce orthophotos and utilize our soft-copy instrument where applicable. We also provide archival scanning of aerial film to ensure preservation.

Topographic Mapping

topographic mapM.A.N. Mapping produces topographic mapping for many applications including:
Site Development, design & promotion
Highway engineering, design & maintenance
Facility management
Golf Course construction & management
Water & sewer design
Municipal GIS
M.A.N. Mapping operates 3 first-order stereo instruments as well as a softcopy workstation to precisely map your project site.  M.A.N. also partners with LiDAR providers when your project requires a higher accuracy.


orthophotoM.A.N. Mapping produces orthophotos of your project site so that you can view the aerial image as a background to the digital mapping files.  This makes visualization of your site easier, and it allows you to more easily produce graphic displays that the public can understand.

We rectify your orthophotos to the actual mapping of your site so that it matches. Outside of the mapping area, we utilize public lidar data, when available, to produce a reliable and measurable orthophoto.

M.A.N. Mapping will provide several resolutions of your orthophoto so that you can choose which resolution best meets your needs.

Update Mapping

update mappingM.A.N. Mapping utilizes softcopy photogrammetry software from Cardinal Systems to quickly assess areas of change in project sites where update mapping is required.  This allows us to provide an updated map in a timely fashion so that you can monitor your site and make better decisions.
Some of our update mapping applications include: landfills, mining sites, and university facilities.

Volumetric Mapping

volumetric mappingM.A.N. Mapping can quickly determine the sizes of stockpiles and earthwork using our first-order stereo instruments.  Aerial photography allows for a speedy collection of all the data that will be needed to measure your stockpiles, so there is no need to halt operations for measurements on the ground.   You also have the advantage of having a 3 dimensional record of your site at a known date and time which can be utilized in the future in case your scope of work should change.

Obstruction Mapping

airportM.A.N. Mapping produces airport obstruction mapping per the latest standards from FAA.  We use first-order stereo instruments to ensure that the accuracy requirements are met.

Color Printing

plotterM.A.N. Mapping utilizes the Z3100 Designjet photo printer from Hewlett Packard to produce beautiful color or black-and-white enlargements of your site.
We can produce enlargements of your site imagery with a maximum width of 42". Consider using this great resource to impress your clients.

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